Saturday, July 5, 2008

Turning Twenty Quilt

Our local quilt shop had a big sale starting at 6 a.m. on the longest day of the year. I was there at 6:15 a.m. and was the 6th shopper. I will never tell how much money I spent. But with have a 40% discount I did a pretty good haul.

I bought some fabric that had had a very busy pattern so got about 12 fabrics to match it to do a a "Turning Twenty" quilt. The dog has ruined our carpet. Will not go into detail how or why about that. So my quilt is laying on the kitchen tile floor so I can make sure I get the blocks in the correct order. Am keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough of the main fabric to do the 6" border. If not will be making the border narrower. Will take it to the quilt shop for them to quilt it. Then am thinking about taking batik for the binding. Will see when I get that far.

Then the next project besides the "MidnightOil BOM" that I am in and the local guild challenge called "M & M Challenge" and the "RR" the local guild is doing is to do the paper piece quilt. It is for our niece that just graduated from Law School in Lubbock, TX and will be working south of Dallas.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday quilt projects

Am working on a RR from the Feedsack group. The second one has come in and hear the next one is on its way. I am really behind for sure. Also, want to do a block for a person in a quilt chat room I belong to and when I get the address will get it mailed. Plus need to mail to my Secret Pal in another group.

Hubby was not feeling good today so we did not go to town for steak dinners with sons and daughter-in-law.

I am waiting for another roll of wallpaper so I can finish the kitchen/dining room walls. Then we can get the pictures and all back on the wall.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New project

I saw a bargello in the December QUILTERMAKER magazine. Just the perfect home-warming gift for one of my friend's that is moving back to Colorado. Have the top done and the trees pinned on. Now to get a thread to match the trees and start quilting.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Learned to enter my UFO's

Swooze told me how to go about getting my UFO's in a list. Now that I can see them it makes me accountable to shorten my list. I will pick one to work on for the month. If not completed then will select a different one to work on for the next month. I will put the past months back in the jar for the next drawing. If I complete one before the month is over then will draw a new quilt to work on for the rest of the month. I WILL NOT make the promise not to start a new project because I will just break that promise very quickly.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Well, half way there

I have Part 1 done with 5 rail fences extra. Will start on the 9 patch this evening. Am going to do some research how to post pictures. So everyone can see my fabric and how my colors are coming together. This has been one of those days to play on the computer and work on a quilt. It is icy, cold, not much wind and can not see too far down the road.

New Project

I just joined a scrap quilt group on line. After seeing some of the other peoples stash I believe I am needing to pull out some lighter colors. I do have a BRIGHT teal with yellow gold in it so I might stick with that for my lighter color. Since I have gotten into the Reproduction fabric I do notice that I have gone to the darker colors.

I still need to learn how to get pictures into my blog.